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Song for the Condemned IV
Song for the Condemned IV
"Claire!" A distraught and wide eyed girl burst into the room, her distressed eyes focused on the patient resigned on the bed. "You're awake!" Dropping her bags before rushing to her elder sister's side, the petite girl knelt down and wrapped her arms around the woman and sobbed in both grief and relief. "Thank goodness, I was so worried!" She choked out, her tears staining the woman's shirt. "Oh, Claire…"
The one she addressed smiled gently and stroked the girl's pink tinted hair, absorbing the girl's visage and her clothes, her red plaid pleated skirt, a sleeveless dress shirt, black thigh-high stockings, and ivory ankle boots. "It's all right, Serah. I'm all right." She spoke softly and the girl's hold tightened as that only caused her to cry harder.

If only everything will be okay or it all returns back to how they were. You can never change the damage done in the past.
"Claire, you've got to eat to keep up your strength."
Claire looked up to h
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Song for the Shattered III
Song for the Shattered III
"You fought well, Farron. Such strength..."
Sephiroth! Wait, don't go! Try as she may, nothing of those thoughts could be heard from those lips nor did the man she loved waited a moment longer to listen. His unexpected farewell sounded so faint and far away as though it was only meant for her ears alone before she succumbed into the dark. His touch still lingered longingly on her skin but she felt no pain.
She awoke, caught in her despair and bleak darkness to the existence that became reality. She had become so numb but she can still feel him there. The darkness suddenly became ignited with a wall of fire before her and a familiar figure among the flames. Her hero. Her master. Her teacher. Her lover…
A deep hearty chuckle that was far from friendly erupted from his throat when the flames parted, his ominous smirk present. She reached out a hand desperately towards the shadow of the man she once knew but he brushed off her gestu
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 4 5
Caecus Tenus Verum-i: Chapter 1
An isolated nation protected by an ancient line of kings. A modern civilization alive with the Crystal's songs of swords and sorcery
Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum stared from the bottom of the stairs at an illuminating glow that pierced the dark sky and its clouds. Refraction following the light had a subtle luminosity to it that made the stars look inferior compared to it. The light would have captured the attention of many noblemen as well as noblewomen and cause a quiet fascination to the discovery and completely occupy the observatory level. That is, if they could see the light as he could. In a party within the only sky scraper where ground nearly touches the sky that only the wealthy could afford to mark their presence on its floors, there were other things that easily captured people's attention such as the food, drink, dance, typical gossip and topical discussions carried about, to the heavily ornate decorations as the c
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 3 7
Caecus Tenus Verum-i: Prologue - Act I
               By the grace of Etro, let thunder herald your arrival.
                                - Odin's summoning
"Divine Etro, go peacefully to your rest. I will stand guard over your legacy..."
This is a fantasy based on reality.
"Years passed and carry on from the world I lived in. Time's path is no longer certain. Etro... You advised patience, but for how long must I slumber? When will you finally awaken me from these dreams, these blurred visions? Your Knight stays diligent and devoted to your valiant wisdom. I have neither doubts nor regrets of my choices, but I knew I failed you as I've failed...
Chaos spilled out to the world, a bleak and lifeless future, Valhalla appeared within Pulse, unscathed by the currents of time an
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Mature content
Verganne Pairing Meme :iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 9 24
Witch May Cry - Showdown Ch.1
Chapter 1: Showtime!
Dante and Bayonetta stood side by side at attention, a plan of their next course calculating through their minds. Not a single word was said as the earth beneath them quaked and another massive structure collapsed. Their allies took on different sections of the city, dealing with lesser angels and demons while evacuating the people within, leaving the two partnered for the time being. There was no time to be reluctant to the idea of working together so might as well suck it up and save it for later. Heaven and Hell have collided with each other, wrecking havoc in the human world, shattering it. The world lies on a very thin line of victory or succumbing to defeat.
The messy affair is both of their problem and a hindrance from their objectives. As adversaries, they created a temporary truce when this is all over. An enemy of an enemy is also an enemy but can at times be a friend in need. He needed her as much as she needed him. At least they know what they're
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 25 41
Photo Booth - BayoDante
"Heh." Something caught the corner of his eye that he halted to a complete stop. "Well, what do you know? Interesting."
"What is it?" Bayonetta turned around, curious on what caught his interest. She was twirling a halo around her finger.
"Photo booth," he declared proudly, placing a hand on the self-operated device. "Ever seen any from where you came from?" The questionable look on her face suggested confusion and unfamiliarity.
Bayonetta rolled her eyes. "Of course I have, Vigrid has them," she crossed her impatiently. "Do we have time for this?"
"What's the matter? You control time and space," he stated and before she could object about her powers not having the capabilities to do that. "We got time to kill."
"Alright," she gave in, flicking a hair ribbon over her shoulder. "You got five minutes. Take your picture and we'll have to get going." Her back was turned on him, shaking her head.
"Oh no, babe," he chuckled, expecting that she would say that. "I didn't plan on taking picture
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 28 47
RE:DSC Diversionary Tactic 1
diversionary (diversion)
- adjective
   tending to divert or distract the attention: diversionary tactics of the guerrilla fighters.
"Alright, new plan!" Leon S. Kennedy announced suddenly reloading a new magazine in his 7P70 handgun.
"And what plan would that be?" Jack Krauser demanded, retrieving his MercWorx Goliah from the intestines from a downed corpse. He wiped the gore off against his khakis. Turning around when the coast was clear, he asked, "Hey kid, still breathing?"
"Y-yes," a soft, distressed voice belonging to Manuela Hidalgo answered. She had been huddling against a wall, chin tucked to her chest and hands secured around her neck. She emerged from her spot and approached her two protectors.
The mysterious girl was their duty to protect from enemies and in return she escorts them to their objective. Now she has done her part, they'll have to continue guarding her as the mission is not yet over and her father, Javier pursues to reclaim his daughter. All she
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Mature content
For Your Entertainment :iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 19 86
This man must be completely confident in himself or has to be utterly stupid to challenge her.
Relocating herself on a pillar, she stretched her hands above her head, spreading her legs. "Bring it." She stomped her heel causing a mystical portal to appear in thin air, revealing her form.
Dante whistled. She was a tall, slender woman with a body women would kill for and swaying hips that could make a man shake in his boots. Her attractive figure was clad in what looked like leather and lengthy silky hair fanned out of her arms and fashioned in a beehive hairstyle tied up with red ribbons and gold medallions. Stilettos enhanced her already long legs. He was expecting another demon that ran away from Hell or a nefarious hag that needs to know her place, not a gorgeous sex goddess. She was nothing of what he expected, then again, it may not be her true form and underneath that is a demon that could take on many forms or possessed a young woman captive in her control. He couldn't get how co
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 20 25
The Queen of Hearts
He underestimated that demon. That was a big mistake.
It was incidental that the explosion in that skyscraper threw him out of the window and he landed on concrete, the only thing that cushioned his fall. He might have broken a couple ribs, dislocated a shoulder here, and fractured something else there. It was nothing that his abilities aren't able to fix up in a bit.
Dante held his side, staggering towards the direction of his pride and joy, the Devil May Cry. Stumbling, he managed to let himself catch a breather for a minute when he stabbed Rebellion in the ground before reaching the shop. He felt the cruel physics of gravity weighing down his shoulders. He collapsed, deprived of strength in the office, door left wide open.
Bayonetta was expecting a full moon tonight. To her disappointment, a new moon appeared in its place. She sighed, discarding a lollipop stick aside. Something's making her uneasy like something bad is going to happen or it already did. She could feel it in her gut
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Last Hope
"…And that's basically how you combat the undead. Any questions? Miss? Miss!"
My head jerked up. Uh-oh. The teacher's facial expression was enraged in fury. I wasn't asleep, I swear! I was bent over my own personal notes in which I jolted down in a notepad. A set of basic notes of how to survive during a zombie apocalypse. Many of my colleagues laugh at its fundamentals and tell me I should pay attention in class more. Really? How do thick textbooks like The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead can help during a crisis? The zombies wouldn't give you a minute alone to read all that! My notepad contains memorable quotes and instructions to follow by. Heck, I could follow by my instincts without looking at them.
"What are you doing there?'
I gulped, uncomfortable with everyone's eyes set on me because I always interrupt a lesson every now and then. Why me? "Ju-Just taking notes of the lecture, sir…" I ducked my head, hiding the notepad out of plain sig
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 2 41
Angel Attack
"Bayonetta, it's that time of the year again."
"Valentine's Day? I'm perfectly aware, Dante." Bayonetta said blandly, sucking on a lollipop.
Dante took a bit out of a slice of pizza. It wasn't hard to tell a holiday is coming up when a certain somebody decides to decorate the Devil May Cry as often as she likes. His shop gets heavily decorated with cheesy ornaments with the main theme colors pink and red. Doesn't this holiday have other colors or maybe she could've used variety and her imagination? Huge banners in bold print read 'Happy Valentine's Day!' hung in the interior and exterior of the building. He slapped at a paper heart hanging over his desk. Who told Patty she could do that here? His shop needs more customers, not drive them away laughing at how ridiculous it looked. Bayonetta hasn't said a single word about it so who knows what she thought about it.
What do people even do on this holiday? He asked himself as he flipped through a women's fashion magazine.
"What are you loo
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 20 9
Witches Protect People
"Little one! Where are you?" Bayonetta frantically cried out. Time is running out. She had been searching for the boy, tearing at the plane's hulls as its structure crashed around her ears. She coughed as the smoke from hazardous flames nearly suffocated her. It'll blow up at any minute. Not a single second must be wasted.
"Damnit," she cursed, hissing through her teeth. She barely recovered from that fall and have yet to escape with her life from her attacker. She has to find the boy and get the hell out of here. Leaving the boy isn't even an option. She'll protect him even if it costed her life, he was supposed to be her responsibility. Electrical currents coursed through her body, she yelped. The pain is there but it doesn't compare to the pain she'll inflict on whoever caused this damage.
Dante would never let Bayonetta hear the end of this. It wasn't her fault that something wanted her dead and separation of the confusion tore the two apart as she fought them off. If something hap
:iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 17 31
Risky Business
"Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. In other words, hold my hand." Bayonetta murmured the lyrics aloud to herself from the memory of the song her mother sang aiding her, twirling the green stem of a vivid red rose. Leaning forward towards the sunset, she stroked its precious velvet petals and inhaled its aroma. "In other words," she continued the song after a short pause. "darling, kiss-"
"You're certainly in a cheery mood today."
Bayonetta flinched, nearly dropping the rose. "Jeanne!"
"Don't tell me I scared you," Jeanne sighed. "You're going soft, Cereza."
"I'm not. I'm just waiting for the full moon," she countered. "The moonlight and the darkness of the night is intriguing in this city."
"It's the same anywhere else you go," Jeanne glanced at the rose in her fellow witch's hands as she joined her in viewing the sunset. "That doesn't explain where you got that flower though."
"I thought it looked interesting enough
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Bust a cap in yo' ass :iconrevanbodyguard:RevanBodyguard 32 28

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